Allergy Support


Allergy Support has a complex combination that may assist the body with its natural ability to deal with allergens. Allergy support may reduce allergic reactions by stabilizing the mast cells. Allergy Support may assist with allergies, hay fever, sinus, sinus inflammation, increase in immune system and the illumination of mucous. This product does not cause drowsiness and can be used for long periods of time.



Product Ingredients per daily dose

Quersitin 200mg
Bromelain 250mg
Pantothenic Acid 290mg
Thyme 80mg
Scuttelaria 80mg
Stinning Nettle 80mg
Oleuoropein 125mg

Scientific information about Allergy Support ingredients

The herbal combination demonstrated anti-in-flammatory and antiallergy effects. It may also help with hay fever. These herbals may improve the symptoms of hay fever, allergy rhinitis, asthma, eczema and food allergies. The herbal combination may help to reduce allergies by inhibiting the histamine release from the mast cells.

Pantothenic Acid
Vitamin B5 has shown to be effective in the treatment of allergies. High dosages of vitamin B5 has shown to combat allergies. It may also help with nasal congestion.

Bromelain may be affective in the treatment of allergies by dissolving foreign proteins that cause allergies and allergic reactions.

Allergy support combination may assist in symptoms of allergy, hay fever, asthma, rhinitis, food allergies, and inflammation of the sinuses.