Digest PN


Digest PN has a complex combination that may assist the body with digestion of starches, proteins, fats, plants (fruit and vegetables), glucose, sucrose, lactose and maltose. Digest PN may also assist with most digestive problems such as flatulence, food poisoning, gasses, halitosis, indigestion, intestinal cramps, vomiting, ulcerative colitis, colitis,



Active ingredients per Daily Dose:

Enzyme Formula: Contains 300mg
Protease 4.5
Malt Diastase
Lipase RO
Ginger ext equal to 300mg
Bromelain Powder 300mg
Astragalus’s Powder 100mg
Artichoke 200mg
Papaya 100mg

Digest PN contains digestive enzymes that assist the body in digestion. Each enzyme has are specific in the kind of food that get digested.

Digest PN assists in the digestion of Resistant Starch. The kind of food that is high in resistant starch is food like Raw Potatoes, Green Bananas, High, Amylose Maize, Bread, Cornflakes, Cols Cooked Potatoes, Rice and Pasta. Digest PN also assists in the digestion of protein food, fats, plants or vegetables, fruit, dairy to name but a few. Generally speaking it is a all round digestive enzyme.

The herbal combination in this product also assists with the stimulating of the digestive system but also the digestive organs like pancreas, liver and gall. All of these organs play a role in the digestive process. Digest PN was carefully formulated to assist the digestive system with the enzymes needed for digestion but it also assist the digestive organs to work better for optimum digestion. Digest PN could also assist in other side effects relating from bad digestion such as Fl